"I was 56 years old and wanted to retire from my job; but did not like being hit with the IRS penalty of 10% because I would be taking money from my pension and 401K prior to being 59 and a half years old. I did retire without being hit with the IRS penalty because of Mr. Taylor's knowledge of a little known IRS rule that allows a person who is at least 55 to retire without being hit with the 10% penalty. Other advisors & CPA's didn't know about this rule that Calvin Taylor was able to use so I could retire early and penalty free."

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"My late husband and I made a wise decision when we chose Calvin as our financial advisor. Calvin will always be there when you need him. He even attended my husband's funeral. He has helped me in many ways that go beyond his duties as a financial advisor. Because of the way Calvin has managed my finances, I have peace of mind knowing that my financial future is secure. I highly recommend him!"

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"A few years ago I was rapidly losing money on my retirement account until Calvin showed my husband and me how we could get a good return on our hard-earned dollars without any risk. He was able to enroll us into a financial plan which not only reduced our taxable income, but also pays us 10% bonus on every deposit made to the account! Not only does Calvin demonstrate a wide-range of financial expertise, he is also one of the most sensitive and caring individuals we have the pleasure of knowing. In the future we will not hesitate to entrust Calvin with all our financial needs."

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