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Income Protection

It strikes like a bolt from the blue and unexpected.  Unfortunately, many of us are totally unprepared for the financial hit that disability can bring. For most people, being out of work can mean a total loss of income, loss of buying power and depletion of savings to pay bills. 


Do you have enough savings to avoid hardship, if you were not able to work? If not, well-planned disability protection can offer the best way to replace your income and maintain your standard of living. 


Defend your income! We have individual and group plans. We shop among disability companies to find you the best, affordable coverage. Plans can provide short or long-term protection, and some offer to return your premiums if benefits go unused. Disability affects 1 in 3 females, and 1 in 2 males. Don't wait until you need it. Gain peace-of-mind by discovering what you can qualify for, today. 

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