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College Planning & Funding

We have partnered with College Funding Solutions (CFS), an organization that has an A+ rating with BBB to help students/parents with college selection, planning and funding strategies.  We work with parents to reduce their out of pocket cost for college, regardless of household income.  The focus is on reducing the need for loans.  The Federal Student Aid (FaFSA) application is complex, so we complete, endorse and file the required FaFSA on behalf of the student/family.    For more information ​visit​


Through CFS we have also partnered with the American College Foundation (ACF). The ACF Annual Visionary Scholarship Program offers multiple awards, with a top prize of $5,000. Established exclusively with high school students and their parents in mind, the ACF provides vital process-driven details and procedures to help ensure the student receives the best college education at the most competitive price.

For more information visit

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