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A number of the annuity products currently on the market can help provide a secure stream of income during retirement. Some annuities that may be suitable for your unique situation are fixed annuities, with principal protection and no market exposure, and fixed index annuities, with principal protection and the potential for higher earnings with increases in a linked Market Index. Riders are usually available, for an additional annual premium, to include protection against inflation and other benefits. Some of the policies available will include an up-front bonus that begins earning interest along with your premium amount immediately.Some of the features that are available to you through fixed index annuities are bonuses, various crediting methods, and allocation options that give you choices for your money.

Most annuities have a surrender period for the first five to 15 years of ownership; early withdrawal will deplete your principal by the amount of surrender charge still in force. Bonus annuities may carry higher fees and charges than annuities without the bonus feature, may only accumulate interest prior to annuitization, and may not pay the bonus in case of early withdrawal. 

Traditional fixed and fixed index annuities can be a great retirement vehicle for people who want to keep more of what they earn. Read below for an overview of the benefits of fixed annuities.

How To Keep More Of Your Retirement Money

Tax-Deferred Fixed Annuities help you to keep more of what you’ve earned.

There is no reason to risk your retirement money because traditional fixed and fixed index annuities guarantee you that you will never lose any of your principal deposit or interest credited to your account.
Annuities are not subject to Federal income taxes until you make withdrawals; this allows your money to grow faster than it would if it were in a plan taxed annually. This gives youTriple Compound: interest on your principal, interest on the interest earned and money saved by not having to pay   taxes annually on earned interest. 
Note: 100% of your money goes to work for you right way. No Management or Sales Fees.
Traditional fixed annuities offer competitive interest rates and fixed index annuities combine safety (you never lose interest credited to your account) with potential upside stock market gains. (subject to a cap on the interest credited).

There are a variety of ways to taking money out of your Annuity; including: 
Annual 10% or more free withdrawals 
Retirement income


Some Annuity contracts give you a 5%- 12% or more bonus on your deposit(s).


Proceeds can pass directly to your beneficiaries without the delays and the cost of probate.


Other than Social Security, an Annuity contract is the only other way you are guaranteed lifetime income.
For a small fee, which is usually less than 1%, you can add an Income Rider to the Base Annuity contract.  This is a great option for someone who wants their money to grow for a few years, followed by receiving income. It guarantees you an interest rate of 6-7% or more annually.

Long Term Care (LTC)

The contract owner can add a LTC rider to the annuity contract which is an alternative to purchasing LTC insurance; this could be more cost-effective than LTC insurance

Questions To Ask When Purchasing a Fixed Indexed Annuity

How to Tell FIA Facts from FIA Fiction

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